Notice Regarding the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Lombard, IL – Monday, March 23rd, 2020 – 12:42 PM

Feynlab continues to fulfill and ship orders amidst the challenge we all face with the COVID-19 virus.

Over the last week the impact of the COVID-19 virus is being felt more, and with restrictions on movement being implemented by Illinois Governor Pritzker, it seems like a good time to send everyone an update about how Feynlab is handling these challenges, and what you as a Feynlab Customer can expect.

As of now, it seems unlikely that production will be affected. The shelter-in-place order does not mean we have to shut down, it simply means our non-essential employees will be working from home.

We source our boxes and signature aluminum bottles from China. With the Corona virus hitting Asia hard, it has substantially delayed our receiving of these products (by over a month and a half), and we will have to move to some creative packaging solutions to manage this. As far as the actual liquid products go, these will remain unchanged as all our critical raw material suppliers are U.S. based, and we have quite a large inventory of raw materials.

Order fulfillment may be affected slightly, we’re running at reduced staff which means it make take an extra day to get your order out. Shipping and logistics companies (Fedex and USPS) have been unpredictable, most deliveries have been getting to customers on time, but we are starting to see some orders that are being delivered later than expected. It might be a good idea to maintain a minimum inventory of product to keep up with your forecasted amount of work so that late shipments do not affect your business.

Feynlab have started implementing the guidelines established by the CDC to help keep our employees, and customers safe.

We are closely monitoring this situation, and we will continue to provide updates as we progress in the battle vs. COVID-19. Stay inside and be safe. With a united effort we will beat this together.