Holiday Gift Guide For A Car Lover

The holiday season has arrived, which means that everyone’s TO DO list includes stressing over last-minute gift shopping. If you’re wondering what to get a crazy car enthusiast like us in your life, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have a few ideas to make your holiday gift shopping a little easier and more enjoyable!

When it comes to this category, there are many fantastic gifts to choose from, and we wouldn’t want to confuse you or waste your time. Think of these as friendly suggestions from a car enthusiast, and what we would give to another car enthusiast.
There is truly something for everyone, even if it is as simple as a personalized keychain or a car care kit. Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive or want to go big and make a statement, the following gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face, and that’s exactly what the holiday season is all about!

1. Roof Mounted Cargo Box

Road trips are a lot of fun, with nowhere to go but onward! But the packing part can be a real bummer. Give your adventurous friend who enjoys the freedom of the open road the gift of a roof mounted cargo box!

2. An HD dash camera

A good dash camera is a thoughtful gift that will help your friends be safer on the road and monitor their car when it is parked! The Cobra SC201 is an excellent HD dash camera to include on your shopping list!

3. A smartphone mount

This is an ideal gift for a friend who can’t seem to put his phone away while driving. Giving them a smartphone mount, such as the iOttie Easy One Touch 5, is a gift of safety. It can be mounted to the dashboard or windshield and works with all smartphones.

4. A LEGO McLaren kit

The LEGO McLaren Kit is nothing like the classic LEGOs. This 830-piece kit can be assembled into a stunning supercar that car enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy constructing.

5. A car cleaning kit

They say your car is your second home, and for car enthusiasts, it’s a sacred place that must be kept spotless and shiny at all times. So it only makes sense to give them a good car cleaning kit to help them satisfy their OCD for cleanliness!
Feynlab’s Pure Wash and Pure Rinseless are ideal car shampoos for maintaining the vehicle’s exterior paint and will make an excellent addition to any car cleaning kit. Check out our other car cleaning tools, such as our Korean microfiber towels and microfiber mitts. And trust us when we say that a good microfiber towel or mitt is one of the best gifts you can give to a car lover.

6. A quick car dryer

This is the ideal gift for someone who never remembers to have their car cleaned on time and then goes on to dry it with those nasty towels that leave streaks and swirl marks all over. A quick car dryer will aid in drying the car surface in a much safer manner, leaving no marks or damaging the paint.

7. Customized keychain

A personalized keychain is likely the most thoughtful gift you can give to your partner or loved ones. Many gift shops online can personalize a keychain with anything from a picture to a sweet message, or a reminder to drive safely for those not-so-safe drivers in your circle.

8. Insulated Travel Mug

An insulated travel mug is ideal for long road trips to keep your beverage at the temperature you prefer for extended periods of time, and it’s also ideal for those friends who never seem to drink their morning coffee on time after getting in their car for work. With an insulated travel mug, you can make their Mondays a little easier!

9. Feynlab Original Ceramic

A little harmless self-promotion coming your way! On a more serious note, Feynlab Original Ceramic is currently the best DIY ceramic coating on the market. This nano ceramic coating requires no professional assistance and protects the vehicle surface from harmful UV rays, environmental contaminants, and everyday wear and tear. And what better gift to give an automotive enthusiast than ultimate car paint protection?

10. Pair of driving gloves

Even if you’re not shopping for a race car driver, any car enthusiast will appreciate a pair of driving gloves. During the fall and winter, they keep hands from freezing on a cold steering wheel without compromising maneuverability.

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