Installer & Reseller Program

United States of America

Our team of U.S. representatives handle all completed installer applications. Once submitted, applications are reviewed by each territory’s representative with an in-depth screening process.

Feynlab holds high standards for all prospective certified installers, in all aspects of their business.

The Feynlab certified installer network is made up of a group of like-minded professionals who: offer outstanding craftsmanship, are devoted to customer service, and work to improve the public perception of their industry while educating the public about surface protection. With these values in mind, Feynlab partners with full-time businesses who offer high levels of: service quality, customer service, knowledge, and professionalism.

Feynlab provides a high level of support for certified installers and is committed to a fair level of competition and cooperation within individual markets, while avoiding over-saturation.


Completed Feynlab installer applications for countries outside the U.S.A are handled by each countries distributor, or in some cases Feynlab have official international branches that handle these enquiries.

The installer application process is similar to the U.S. process. Distributors review each application with an in-depth screening process.

Application response times may vary based on the country or region you are applying from.

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