Can You Apply Wax On Top Of Ceramic Coating?

Waxed ceramic coated car

Ever found yourself going through all the car care products out there, scratching your head amidst the endless options? With a wide range of automotive protection products available, it can get confusing to figure out which ones fit your needs the best, and which ones complement each other. Today, we’re diving into a common query: can you apply car wax on top of your ceramic coating? Let’s break it down.

We have received this query occasionally from either new car owners, or people who are new to the car maintenance journey. But in order to answer this question, we would first like to walk you through the differences between car wax and ceramic coatings.

What is Car Wax?

There are two main types of car wax: natural and synthetic. Natural waxes use carnauba wax, while synthetic one’s blend carnauba wax with synthetic polymers.

Functions of Car Wax and Ceramic Coating

Both car wax and ceramic coatings offer a protective layer for your precious ride, shielding it from harmful contaminants and unsightly elements. But here’s where the road diverges.

Difference between Car Wax and Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are Car wax usually lasts for up to 6 months only, whereas ceramic coatings are far more superior in that area. If maintained well, a ceramic coating will last for years, anywhere between 3-5 years specifically (depending on the type of ceramic coating).

Aesthetic Appeal:
The chemical composition of car wax and ceramic coating varies, impacting the outcome when applied to your vehicle’s paint. Traditional car wax contains natural oils and grease that contribute to the easy application and distribution of wax over the car body. However, these components also attract more dust and particles to the car’s surface, necessitating frequent washing. This results in your car looking more unpleasant and dirtier, requiring more regular maintenance.

Glossiness of car from front side

So, when you apply a paste or liquid wax on top of a ceramic coating, you hinder its ability to function fully. In fact, traditional car wax is notorious for being a debris collector, primarily due to the oils and lubricants found in natural carnauba wax, which remain present even when fully hardened.

On the other hand, ceramic coatings have a unique formulation that binds to the car’s surface, rather than merely sitting on top of it. Once cured, it forms a protective layer on the car’s surface with hydrophobic properties that promote the beading of water droplets. This beading makes it easy for water droplets to roll off your car’s exterior, preventing dirt and particles from sticking to it. This characteristic makes it much easier to clean and maintain your ride.

Hydrophobic property on ceramic coated car

So, to sum it up, the bond between ceramic coating and the car’s surface ensures its longevity compared to traditional wax. Wax and paint sealants bond on top of the substrate or surface they aim to protect, unlike ceramic coating, which penetrates and bonds inside imperfections.
These properties position ceramic coating as a superior alternative compared to traditional wax.

Maintaining your Ceramic Coated Car

Now that we’ve unveiled the differences behind car wax and ceramic coatings, it’s crystal clear – ceramic coatings rule the roost. But, hold your horses! It doesn’t mean you can ditch maintenance altogether. In fact, one of the most common myths about ceramic coated cars is that they do not need to be washed or maintained (Something which we have discussed in our myths vs facts about ceramic coatings blog)!

Car wash with shampoo

Well, we’re sorry to break it to you, but there are no magical dwarfs included. The longevity of ceramic coatings is proportional to the care and maintenance you can offer to your car. While ceramic-coated cars need less frequent washes, a little TLC every few weeks keeps that shine game strong.
We have discussed more of these maintenance tips in one of our older blogs, which you can check out here, to know more on how you can maintain your ceramic coated ride.

hood of car showing glossy nature

Final Thoughts

A well-maintained ceramic-coated car is like a fine wine – it gets better with time. Resist the urge to slap on more wax; instead, consider our Feynlab Overcoat V3 for that extra gloss and hydrophobic boost. A maintenance wash with some Detailer V3 on top can also do wonders in bringing your car back to life if it’s looking a bit dull.

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    • Jerry Nalley says:

      Hello Allen, Yes you can hand wash a car that is coated. In fact that is the best and only recommneded way to wash your ceramic coated car.

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