Our company

We have private labeled our products to various companies over the years, our products made a very good name for themselves under the various brands. FEYNLAB™ is entering the market directly with building a brand that will become well known for it’s quality and state of the art technology. We’ve reserved a number of technologies that have never been released through private labeling. These products are now available only through FEYNLAB™.

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Research and development

One of the most rewarding things is coming up with new technologies, and then making it available outside of the lab/research environment for everyone to enjoy. It’s often the case where videos surface of brilliant technologies in a lab at some research institution, and then for it to take years to be released. Being a small, efficient company with a dense concentration of talent means we are able to move through the product development phase rapidly. We also lead the pack with our R&D, and often set the standard when it comes to coating chemistries.

Manufacturing and Vertical Integration

We believe in vertical integration, which means we go as far down the production chain as possible and most of our raw materials are commodities and arrive in 55gal drums. We also don’t outsource any manufacturing and everything we sell is unique and produced in house (unless it’s blatantly obvious or stated otherwise). We have over a hundred critical raw materials in stock that we use to make our lineup of products.

Bottling and Labelling

Part of the vertical integration strategy is to have an optimized bottling, labeling and packaging section. We have both pneumatic and electric semi-automatic filling machines to make easy work of bottling our products. Next in the process we have an automatic labeling machine to make sure the labels are on straight and true. The bottles are manually packaged before they finally go back on the conveyor belt through a heat tunnel for a tamper-proof seal.

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