FEYNLAB’s™ company focus and namesake are rooted in the work of Richard Feynman who first started the idea of looking at the “very small” to record data, and to create “nano bots”, but what was also discovered is that when materials are broken down to the “very small” they take on different physical and chemical properties compared to the bulk material.

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As a company FEYNLAB™ has interpreted Dr. Feynman’s concept to a single goal

To push the boundaries of science through nano chemistry; expanding exploration and innovation through a deeper understanding of materials and their properties. Through a particularly imaginative approach, proven with real world successes, vehicle surface nano technology has been greatly expanded and strengthened by John Suerth. These particular formulations enable room temperature hand applications of automotive nano coatings to protect automotive paint, aviation & marine surfaces, plastic, and metal finishes against atmospheric and environmental pollutants. FEYNLAB’s nano coatings provide vehicle surface protection from a wide range of harmful elements such as UV, scratch resistance, oxidizing culprits and corrosive chemicals. After many years of lab development and field evaluations on a wide variety of vehicles; from 727 aircraft, to all types of consumer vehicles, and cargo tankers. FEYNLAB™ coatings have demonstrated physical and chemical properties of exceptional adhesion and chemical inertness.

A wide range of products

FEYNLAB™ has proprietarily built a family of products for use in the enhancement and protection of automotive, marine, and aircraft finishes. This product family offers the possibility of having a vehicle with surfaces which are more chemical resistant, UV protected, richer in color, glossier, that stay cleaner for longer and are easier to maintain than when they left the factory.

When it comes to protecting your investment, we know we are your best option.